Collection: Shoal Shads

Shoal Shad – Double Combo 
Two 15g / 10cm or 30g / 12cm full  bodied lures in each packet.
Introducing the Shoal Shad, the best fishing lure designed for predatory fish. This versatile lure excels in both saltwater and freshwater environments. In saltwater, it effectively catches Bass, Mackerel, Pollack, Wrasse, and Cod. In freshwater, it's perfect for targeting Pike and Perch.
The Shoal Shad is a weedless, two-part lure that combines a jig head with a soft but durable paddle tail body. These two parts match perfectly to create a small bait fish profile, and the paddle tail delivers a lifelike, erratic swimming action with plenty of vibration to attract fish.
The body is connected to the head through an articulated hinge system, offering extra movement in the water. The weighted jig head aids in casting and ensures the Shoal Shad swims true. The eye position allows for versatile fishing techniques: cast and retrieve, vertical jigging from a boat, or using a flying collar rig for drifting deeper offshore wrecks and reefs.
Crafted from a durable material, the soft body of the Shoal Shad offers great action and is securely glued to the head for added reliability. Whether you're targeting freshwater Pike and Perch or saltwater species like Bass and Cod, the Shoal Shad is the best fishing lure for your tackle box.