Collection: DRX Sandeels

DRX Sandeels are designed for predatory fish. In saltwater, they catch Bass, Mackerel, Pollack, Wrasse and Cod. In freshwater, they catch Pike and Perch.
The Drift DRX Sandeel is the best weedless soft plastic lure for predatory fishing. Whether you’re casting from the shore or jigging off shore, these versatile bass lures excel in any environment. Made from high-quality soft plastic, the Drift DRX Sandeel features a soft body and paddle tail that create a lively thumping action, enticing fish to strike.
Designed to minimize snagging, the weedless hook allows you to fish near snags without the risk of loss, making it perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Upgrade your fishing tackle with these predator focused lures and experience the difference in your lure fishing.
Equip your fishing gear with Drift DRX Sandeels and enjoy hassle-free fishing with the ultimate artificial lures.