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Catch & Release

Catch & Release



Hello fellow anglers, and welcome back to another blog post - we took a break last week but we’re back today with another update in our series on Bass Fishing with Lures, and today we’re discussing something very close to our hearts. When it comes to the conservation of Bass population around the coastlines of the UK, the most sustainable way to fish is to engage in catch and release. 


If you have ever chatted with an angler who’s been fishing for Bass for 30+ years? I’m sure you’d have had your ear bent about how there are far fewer Bass around our coastlines, and in their day they were practically jumping in the net on every call. Well, there’s probably a reason that the population of Bass has decreased over time, but we’d like to discuss the best practices when you catch your fish.




Hooking the fish correctly helps with the safe release of fish. Set the hook in the fish’s mouth, by either striking fast and upwards as soon as you feel tension on the line or by keeping the line taught as the fish strikes to allow the fish to do the work for you. These approaches allow the hook to bed inside the mouth and pop out through the lip as cleanly as possible. 


Reeling in


Keep the rod high and progressively reel the fish into the beach or boat. Moving the fish up towards the water’s surface will help you bring it in safely and it should come into the net on its side. Smoothness is key here as the fish will be bringing the action make sure you’re ready to absorb it.


The Catch


Be careful when picking the fish up, Bass are armor plated, with a spikey dorsal fin and sharp gill plates. Pick the fish up by placing your finger carefully on its tongue and with your other hand support its belly.  Make the most of your time with the fish by getting your photo, and use the water if you need to by popping the fish back in and filling the gills with water - this will help it get its strength back before you release.


And now we come to the release part - and it’s as simple as just letting the fish swim away. Definitely take extra caution when placing the Bass back in the water. These are hardy fish that can take a lot, but we love to treat the fish with the care and respect it deserves.



So there we have it ladies and gentlemen, a guide to Catch and Release, ensuring Bass populations on our coast lines remain intact and having bags of fun whilst doing so. Check back with us next week for another instalment in our ongoing blog series on Bass Fishing with Lures!

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